Platter EGG

For the designers, the normal process is when an idea is sketched on paper and then experimented with in material form, but the idea for “Egg” was born from within the work process. Anne-Liis Leht was actually making her first experiment for a dish inspired by a color palette and with six different colored rings. As it was late in the evening and she was hungry she did not have enough strength to cut out and polish six different rings from glass. And the idea occured to her to do less: just one yellow and one white ring. This simple logic said that she will be ready sooner and can go home to eat. So the dish “Egg” was born. Opaque glass in different shades was used. The black glass is de-polished to highlight the dish idea in a better way; the white and the yellow glass are shiny.


Material: glass
Size: Ø 270 mm (large) Ø 195 mm (small)
Height: 30 mm (large) 20 mm (small)
Thickness of glass: 3 mm
Height of yellow and white section: 6 mm

Every platter is unique and hand-crafted in Estonia.

Handwashing recommended.
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