ZEN soap dish

Changes start from the smallest of nuances, so small things can have a big impact. This can be said of the ZEN soap dish. Two qualities give it meaning – material and function. Crystal clear soda-lime glass, which until now has not been reprocessed or recycled in Estonia, can now be put back into circulation in the form of soap holders. There is a choice of colourless or coloured soap holders – the former are made from onetime awards, souvenirs and gifts, while the latter are made from HYTI studio production leftovers. Every environmentally aware person can think of the purchase of a soap dish as a gift for a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, the shape of the soap dish invites you to use bar soap, which is ten times more environmentally friendly than liquid soap. The soap dish supports a practical object and also communicates a timely concept.

Text by Jan Kaus

Soap dish ZEN is the winner of the competition RoheAsi.

Material: glass
Size: height 28 mm/ width 115 mm/ depth 75 mm Weight: 480 g

Every soap dish is unique and hand-crafted in Estonia.

Hand wash only.
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